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Curge Hill College

Curge Hill College

Welcome to Curge Hill College. We offer accredited courses in the fields of Entrepreneurship and Management. Curge Hill College is accredited by the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) as an approved IOEE Academy

“IOEE is the gold standard in entrepreneurship for individuals and organisations, delivering qualifications and training that can change the course of lives and help organisations to thrive.”

Curge Hill CollegeInstitute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE)

Curge Hill College values are: 

  • A Positive mindset: To accept challenges and opportunities with an open mind and explore options to make rational decisions.
  • Mutual respect: To understand the uniqueness of individuals and appreciate the differences in people.
  • Fairness: Our decisions and actions are objective, consistent, impartial, and ethical.
  • Continuous self-development: To understand that change is inevitable, and to position oneself to keep up with the times.



This course would benefit people who want to start their own business or those already running their business but would want to enhance their performance.

Course Overview

Course duration: 2 hours per week for 6 weeks

There are two aspects to this course: mental preparation aspect, and the practical aspect.

The mental preparation aspect aims at building the individual’s confidence, overcome fear of failure, beat procrastination, and improve their motivation in order to help them move forward and create a thriving business. It will help people to define the nature and vision of the business, and how to support them to take those first steps.

The practical aspect looks at:

  • The different types of businesses, and their legal frameworks
  • How to register the different types of businesses
  • Where to get business support
  • Basic accounting / reporting / record keeping
  • Business planning and role mapping
  • Marketing


This course is designed to develop participants to gain a better understanding of the management dimension of running their organization. It seeks to equip leaders of the organization with the necessary management tools to build appropriate structure and systems geared towards the realization of their organizational vision. 

Course duration: 2 hours per week for 12 weeks

Participants will gain insight in the following areas:

  • The definition of management 
  • Understanding of management tools
  • Organizational structures
  • Developing a vision and mission statements
  • The art of delegation
  • Change management
  • Team building & development
  • Organization guarding
  • Presentation skills.


Course Overview:

Course duration: 2 hours per week for 5 weeks.

This program will support the participants to gain a ‘bird’s-eye-view’ of all the important areas of the individual’s life to see how they are doing. It will equip individuals to assess their reality, explore their options and set measurable goals for their plans.

The program also supports individuals with time management skills, techniques for setting life boundaries, training to enhance their employability skills, and effective planning.

All the course offered by Curge Hill College run by cohorts with either a day option or an evening option.

The programmes are run virtually on Zoom or Teams, affording our participants to join in from any location, and at their convenience.

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Our aim is to help you toward your desirable outcome

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Curge Hill College
Curge Hill College